Kwaito & South African House Music

With the current trends in dance music, especially the sounds we here at Bubblin’ are feeling, South African house definitely needs some more shine.  The best known track internationally from this genre has been Dj Mujava’s ‘Township Funk‘. It was an undeniable global anthem with a ton of great remixes.  Dj Cleo is another major name in the South African scene, and one of my personal favorites.

It seemed for a moment that South African house or Kwaito as it is also known was going to be the next big thing globally but that never really materialized.   I have heard that there is a lack of high-speed internet in South Africa and in preparation for the World Cup this summer a huge fiber optic pipeline is being run which will open up more of the country to fast, dependable internet access. Given how integral the internet is in disseminating music today, hopefully this will help spread the sound even more. Plus, the World Cup is going to put a HUGE spotlight on South Africa in general, and hopefully Kwaito will benefit from it.

Dj Mujava recently released a great compilation called Ayobaness! The Sound of South African House. It is a great primer on this style of music.

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