Jon AD LIve @ Bubblin Pre Decibel Fest Bash 9.10.10

Jon AD killed it at Bubblin this past Friday, laying down a set of rarely heard vintage Chicago low end killlers with pepperings of well placed garage and mutant uk funky, demonstrating the undeniable deepness of his crates and consumate skills as a dj. If you care about house and garage musics and their permutations, you’re going to love this mix. No tracklisting, tho Jon says he’ll answer any questions posed. Enjoy!

3 Responses to “Jon AD LIve @ Bubblin Pre Decibel Fest Bash 9.10.10”

  1. Not even a real house music fan, but this mix is pretty dang tight..
    Nice variety, and good mixin’

  2. Nice mix Jon!
    See you at the Triple Crown!

  3. You can figure out the titles (If it is something that has been released), but the artists are:

    1.) Genaside II
    2.) L Vis 1990
    3.) DJ Champion
    4.) Direct Force
    5.) Bok Bok
    6.) Bassjackers
    7.) Egypt
    8.) 3rd Face
    9.) Kramer Dashwood
    10.) Emvee
    11.) Do It Real
    12.) Parris Mitchell
    13.) DJ Puff
    14.) Paul Johnson
    15.) Blaxican
    16.) Paul Johnson
    17.) KidKut
    18.) MJ Cole
    19.) TTC
    20.) Doc Daneeka
    21.) Hot City
    22.) DJ Assassin
    23.) Freaks
    24.) Nightcrawlers (Well, Marc Kinchen to be fair…)
    25.) Afrotrance (Tease)
    26.) Reese and Santonio
    27.) Roy Davis Jr.

    records skipped a bit, as old records tend to.

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