Nadastrom – Rum N Roke EP – Moombahton

Dave Nada, the father of Moombahton is back with a brand new free EP on T&A Records alongside Nadastrom partner, Matt Nordstrom. There are some great cuts including a Moombahton version of SIS’s anthem Trompeta and a cumbia flip of Shake It To The Ground. Grab the whole thing for free over at the T&A Records website.


1. Nadastrom – Trompaton
2. Nadastrom – Cuerdas Vocales (Moombahton)
3. Nadastrom – Sabina (Moombahton)
4. Dave Nada – Drop Buddy Gal
5. Dave Nada – Stay Close (Moombahton)
6. Nadastrom – Shake It To La Cumbia
BONUS: Nadastrom – Moombahton (Crooklyn Jacked DJ Tool)

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