Subsubtropical 2 is warm, expansive psychedelia for the dancefloor, heaphones, car, home, and beyond. S2 is full of luminous, up to the time tracks blended using two turntables, a mixer, and Serato in absolute mode. Novel melodic, harmonal, and rhythmic mixes abide as S2 arcs from the opening effervescent Spanish funky of Emmerson and Nehuen’s “Cocoa Rain”, through various vibrating neon house and garage styles, to loping, locomotive guarachero, to kaleidoscopic post regional rhythm explorations before landing onto a bed of fizzing, deep dubstep sounds

Huge thanks to all the Artists on this mix for their beautiful music, Ryan Organ for the dope design, Jon AD for giving me a sweet deal on CD production, and especially to everyone who takes the time to listen.

Click the downward pointing arrow on the right side of the player to download


Emmerson and Nehuen : Cocoa Rain
KingThing : Rio She Said
Kashii : Nether Where ft. Simon Lord (Mensah remix)
Velour : Kick It Til It Breaks
Helixir : Ride The Wind
Warrior One : Lord Of Bashy (Doc Daneeka 2 Step Militia remix)
Altered Natives : Bullet Blade Knuckle Slap
Gallons : The Crying Man
Erick Rincon : Satisfaction
Alan Javier : Calambria 2010
Erick Rincon : Muevelo y Goza
Maxwell : Bad Habits (Dave Nada Club Mix)
Supra 1 : Ghoster
Shortstuff & Mickey Pearce : Tripped Up (Ramadanman Re-Edit)
Terror Danjah : I’m Feelin U
Distal & HxdB : Typewriter Tune
Cedaa : Hypnotiq
Glass Actor : Komodo
Pony Pony Run Run : Walking On A Line (French Fries remix)
Makongo : Angolan Kung Fu (Dubbel Dutch remix)
The XX : Crystalised (Dark Sky remix)
Clubroot : Dulcet (Bryan Zentz remix)
Kromestar : Love


  1. Lincoln! Woot! Hi, it’s Sara, one of your hardcore FANS. (You know me; I usually say hello.) I just downloaded this and will be inkluding it in my dants mixx. Thank you for posting this delightful mix for download! Made my day.

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