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For November, Bubblin brings you yet another up to the time booking – LOL Boys (LAPalms Out Sounds)

From XLR8R:
In 2010, the notion that the internet brings people together is already cliché, but in some cases it really rings true. Producers Markus Garcia and Jerome Potter actually met on a message board, bonded over their shared tastes in music, and began working on tracks together. Based on the slew of re-edits, remixes, and original tunes the pair has unleashed in recent months, it appears that those tastes include shuffling tropical percussion, pitch-shifted vocal samples, warped R&B sounds, and upbeat dancefloor rhythms. Their debut EP, 123, came out on Palms Out Sounds in early August, to be followed by another release on Discobelle shortly thereafter.

From Mixpak:
I am still wondering whether LOL Boys are real, or intricately constructed androids with a penchant for head throbbing, game changing percussive dance music. A quick google search will give you an idea of how expansive their remix work has been over the past year, with an arsenal mainstream R&B re-edits to spine crumpling drum patterns overtop indefinable dance anthems of the future.

But who exactly are these two strange musicians? Real people, or a manifestation of the internet becoming aware of its own existence and using that consciousness to start making dance music?

We here at Bubblin are stoked to bring you the fantastic post regional sounds of the LOL Boys!

Check this direct download link to the rad mix they did for Mixpak!

1. James Blake “cmyk”
2. Ramadanman “glut”
3. Dubbel Dutch “fool in you”
4. Jay Weed “the naos”
5. Bowly “tarot drums”
6. LOL Boys “w8ing2xhale”
7. LOL Boys “spiral staircases”
8. Roska “squark”
9. Greyman “the title”
10. LOL Boys “unemployed”
11. Dooze Jackers “we love moogie (canblaster remix)”
12. Dj Icon Audioadiccion “tribal kid”
13. DJ Erick Rincon “magdalena”
14. DJ Mouse “amantes de la waracha”
15. DJ Manuel Palofox “canto africano”
16. Makency DJ “chiketere”
17. Expendable Youth “cannabalistic (lol boys remix)”
18. DJs Del Futuro VIP “fiesta by white band”
19. Them Jeans “balloons (lol boys remix)”
20. Rovalrio “exotic drumz”
21. Distal “grape donut”
22. Uproot Andy & Geko Jones “manuelita rmx”

Bubblin Resident Lincolnup will also be releasing Subsubtropical 2 Mix CD this evening – free copies to the 1st 33 folks that ask him for one!

And we’re stoked to have the singular talents of Monkeytek to open up the evening’s proceedings!

Monkeytek co-hosts Various, Portland’s long running Dubstep night (established 2006) and searches the globe for tunes to release on the Lo Dubs label.
In early 2010, he launched Version to showcase the rootical elements of Dubstep.
He’s played alongside such note-worthies as Kode9 & Spaceape, Scientist, Alter Echo, Lloop, Daega Sound and of course with his pals Ryan Organ & Jon A.D.

NOVEMBER 12, 2010



205 NW 4TH

10:00pm-2:30am 21+


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BUBBLIN and DECIBEL team up for an Official Pre dB Fest Bash


>>>> 214 <<<<

Seattle – Touchin’ Bass, Frustrated Funk, Pyramid Transmissions

>>>JON AD<<<

Portland – LoDubs



And BUBBLIN Residents

Lincolnup + Ben Tactic

FRIDAY SEPT. 10, 2010
At The Crown Room
205 NW 4th Ave
21+ *NO COVER*

About 214:

To sit at a table set with the sounds of 214 (TwoFourteen) is to be served Hungry-man portions of honey-buttered electro beats, side dishes of synth-line treats, and dollops of IDM-get-down. Like most musicians, Chris Roman’s path is rooted in a veritable melting pot of sounds. Some of the influences are obvious. Others not so much so.

His Puerto Rican birthright and Miami upbringing ring apparent when he’s pumping out sci-fi roller disco sounds, but when his vibe turns to the cold dark comfort of Detroit-esque minimal mind funk, it would seem this man forgets from whence he came. It’s a memory lapse that sounds like a lapdance in the side room of a space ship. More importantly, it’s a memory lapse that works. A lapse rooted by a love of diversity, delivered with creative finesse and good taste.

TwoFourteen effortlessly blends lush Latin roots with robo-transformer trips, always maintaining a skillful balance between the nasty, the not-right, the cold, hot, hard, and just-right — all at the same time. He’s got plenty of tricks up his proverbial record sleeve. And he’s been pulling them out for years now.

Wherever you find TwoFourteen, trust you’ll find premium blend electro and assorted savory flavors from the future.

214 just released his second album on Andrea Parker’s esteemed Touchin’ Bass label to critical acclaim. (Vinyl and Digital)

Forthcoming releases on –

Car Crash Set – Short Stack EP – Aug 17th
Harbour City Sorrow – Drift Diving EP
Transient Force – Something Simple 3.0 DJ mix
Frustrated Funk – 12″ EP


About Jon AD

Founder of the labels losonofono (Chicago house/Skweee) and LoDubs, America’s Premier Dubstep label, which was founded in the winter of 2006.

Elements of Jon AD’s DJ sets may include each, or all of the above. He is a founding member of the longest running Dubstep night in Portland, Oregon, Various, in addition to the Dancehall/Dubstep night Version, and has maintained residencies in San Francisco and Milwaukee/Chicago when residing in those cities.

LoDubs is not your ordinary dance music imprint, nor is Jon A.D. a young upstart. The label is run from inside Anthem Records, a record store (and label of the same name) that Jon owns, and which specializes in limited-edition metal, noise, and drone releases. This may seem contradictory, but Jon sees a strong connection between metal, noise, and dubstep. “Dubstep is so much about drum structures. And when you increase the air and rhythm in tracks, that allows drone and other frequencies to come out. Scorn’s stuff is very metal, and Burial and Boxcutter have some of those elements as well.”

The history of Jon AD reads a bit like a peoples history of innovative electronic music in the the United States. Born in Eugene, Oregon, and from a young age attracted to all aspects of sound, it was in his teens that he first discovered Electronic music, and realized that it had as visceral of elements as Punk Rock when combined with heavy amplification.

LoDubs has emerged as among the strongest in a short list of labels representing bass driven music in the US, and arguably the only one largely representing artists from North and South America, with over 20 releases from artists as far north and Toronto and as far south as Venezuela, in addition to those from the UK, Germany, Japan, etc.

The future will see Jon AD and LoDubs continuing to blur the lines between what is one genre or the other, be it through the releases, The multi genre monthly founded by Jon AD, Monkeytek, and Ryan Organ in 2006 known as Various, and/or through his DJ sets.

About Tracer Visuals:

Tracer Visuals has been performing live video art for over a decade now. From the start in the dingy basement afterhours of Seattle to current global super-stardom, the focus has always been on cohesion. The art is taking all the stimulations coming at the audience in the moment and represent it visually on screens, walls and retinas. This skill has been utilized by many artists, clients, and events including Radiohead, Brian Wilson, Lusine, Keller Williams, String Cheese Incident, and almost every Decibel Festival. Whatever the event calls for – be it visuals, live camera, custom software, documentation, equipment rental, or all the above, Tracer Visuals can do it professionally and affordably.

Bubblin in May

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About Ryan Organ

A heavy player in the Portland scene, Ryan Organ has been deejaying and promoting since the age of 16. His versatile sets combining oldschool jungle, garage, 4/4 and dubstep have taken him all over the United States.   During that time he has performed alongside heavy hitters such as Shy FX, Skream, Dj Krush, Rusko, Pendulum and many more.

In late 2006 Ryan and Monkeytek established a new event called Various, a monthly party rooted in soundsystem culture that showcased all types of bass driven music.  Various has become nationally known as one of the finest events of its kind, hosting local, national and international talent of highest caliber.  Now into its fourth year, Various shows no signs of slowing down, always bringing the heavy bass and thick vibes it is known for.

In addition to building a stellar reputation as a dj and promoter, Ryan is also heavily involved with two of the US’s most forward thinking record labels, Offshore Recordings and LoDubs.  As co-manager of Offshore Recordings, Ryan has helped to release some of the finest leftfield DnB in recent memory.  With LoDubs, he juggles the roles of design, logistics and publicity, all contributing to what has become one of North America’s finest dubstep labels.   By day, Ryan can be found at Anthem Records (LoDubs HQ) as the jungle and dubstep buyer.

Bubblin has tabbed Ryan to select and mix Bubblin Vol. 2 Mix CD, which will be released at the May 14 Bubblin, free CD copies to the first 20 folks arriving.

About Ill Cosby

Ill Cosby is the Seattle based DJ/Producer behind the Car Crash Set record label and Cosby Show Nights net radio show on Glitch.FM.  This decade veteran has recently turned his attention to the rapidly shifting world of dubstep, UK funky, and Latin house for his recent singles ‘Lo Oyen’ and ‘The Powerful’.  Cosby’s sets bring a cutting edge mix of new and unreleased tracks from producers around the world that have recently combined genres like garage, juke, Baltimore club, and more.

About Tyler Tastemaker

Deejay, Producer, Promoter, Booker for the Crown Room, and Man of the People, Tyler is an instrumental person in the Portland music scene.

About Lincolnup

Lincolnup is a versatile party rocking dj who’s performed at events with talents as diverse as Starkey, Jeff Samuel, Dj Godfather, Storm Large, Dj Assault, Drop The Lime, Tittsworth, Holy Sons, Roska, and Reggie Watts, to name a few. He’s held numerous residencies in both Seattle and Portland, performed at Decibel Festival and at numerous one off events.  His dynamic and carefully selected dj sets span across a wide range regional bass musics.  Lincolnup also makes regular appearances at the Pacific Northwest’s definitive dubstep dance party Various.  He recently released the amazing Bubblin Vol.1 Mix CD with Ben Tactic.

LV & XI remix EL Rakkas on forthcoming Lo Dubs

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Lo Dubs is a Garage and Dubstep based record label operating out of Portland, Oregon. Run by Jon AD and Monkeytek, Lo Dubs has been steadily putting out top shelf releases since 2006, including the acclaimed Clubroot LP and a slew of 12″s by the likes of Starkey, Mensah, DJG, Ebola, and many others.

For Lo Dubs next release, due out Feb. 28 2010, LV turns in a remarkable, heavily swung, and deep post garage remix of El Rakkas’ “Seas of Disease”. XI also turns in a beautifully dubbed out remix of El Rakkas’ “I & I”, making for another fantastic 12″ from the Lo Dubs camp. Here’s how they pitch it:

LV, largely known for productions on Hyperdub (We honestly believe “Turn Away” is by far the best song on the recent Hyperdub comp) Takes “Seas of Disease” and gives it a punchy near four-on-the-floor kick drum and driving swing, that along with distinctive crakles and effects demonstrate what could be a nexus of a whole substrian of the sound, should some big headed blogger decide to come up with a catchphrase for it. in a true ying to the LV’s yang, XI presents a monster of a remix of “I & I” which unlike many throw-everything-at-the-wall remixes, contains a largely understated kick drum, nor anything garish in the way of a melody. The raw power in this remix comes from what we are referring to as an “Anti-wobble”, a ingeniously applied bassline full of subharmonic sweeps, bleeps, and creeps that much like the LV remix, really demands a classification of its own. It simply must be heard in the correct environment to be believed.


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