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Moodymann Red Bull Music Academy Interview 2010

Posted in News on March 8, 2010 by bentactic

One of the best, most real interviews I have heard in a long, long time. Highly recommended.

Listen HERE

LV & XI remix EL Rakkas on forthcoming Lo Dubs

Posted in Lincolnup, Lo Dubs, LV, News, XI on February 26, 2010 by lincolnup

Lo Dubs is a Garage and Dubstep based record label operating out of Portland, Oregon. Run by Jon AD and Monkeytek, Lo Dubs has been steadily putting out top shelf releases since 2006, including the acclaimed Clubroot LP and a slew of 12″s by the likes of Starkey, Mensah, DJG, Ebola, and many others.

For Lo Dubs next release, due out Feb. 28 2010, LV turns in a remarkable, heavily swung, and deep post garage remix of El Rakkas’ “Seas of Disease”. XI also turns in a beautifully dubbed out remix of El Rakkas’ “I & I”, making for another fantastic 12″ from the Lo Dubs camp. Here’s how they pitch it:

LV, largely known for productions on Hyperdub (We honestly believe “Turn Away” is by far the best song on the recent Hyperdub comp) Takes “Seas of Disease” and gives it a punchy near four-on-the-floor kick drum and driving swing, that along with distinctive crakles and effects demonstrate what could be a nexus of a whole substrian of the sound, should some big headed blogger decide to come up with a catchphrase for it. in a true ying to the LV’s yang, XI presents a monster of a remix of “I & I” which unlike many throw-everything-at-the-wall remixes, contains a largely understated kick drum, nor anything garish in the way of a melody. The raw power in this remix comes from what we are referring to as an “Anti-wobble”, a ingeniously applied bassline full of subharmonic sweeps, bleeps, and creeps that much like the LV remix, really demands a classification of its own. It simply must be heard in the correct environment to be believed.


Roska featured on Boomkat’s 14 Tracks

Posted in Lincolnup, News, Roska, Uncategorized on February 25, 2010 by lincolnup

Big props for Roska from Boomkat’s tastemaking website 14 Tracks, check it here. If you’re not yet familiar with the manlike Roska, this is a great primer of his brand of UK Funky/Funkstep style.

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