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For November, Bubblin brings you yet another up to the time booking – LOL Boys (LAPalms Out Sounds)

From XLR8R:
In 2010, the notion that the internet brings people together is already cliché, but in some cases it really rings true. Producers Markus Garcia and Jerome Potter actually met on a message board, bonded over their shared tastes in music, and began working on tracks together. Based on the slew of re-edits, remixes, and original tunes the pair has unleashed in recent months, it appears that those tastes include shuffling tropical percussion, pitch-shifted vocal samples, warped R&B sounds, and upbeat dancefloor rhythms. Their debut EP, 123, came out on Palms Out Sounds in early August, to be followed by another release on Discobelle shortly thereafter.

From Mixpak:
I am still wondering whether LOL Boys are real, or intricately constructed androids with a penchant for head throbbing, game changing percussive dance music. A quick google search will give you an idea of how expansive their remix work has been over the past year, with an arsenal mainstream R&B re-edits to spine crumpling drum patterns overtop indefinable dance anthems of the future.

But who exactly are these two strange musicians? Real people, or a manifestation of the internet becoming aware of its own existence and using that consciousness to start making dance music?

We here at Bubblin are stoked to bring you the fantastic post regional sounds of the LOL Boys!

Check this direct download link to the rad mix they did for Mixpak!

1. James Blake “cmyk”
2. Ramadanman “glut”
3. Dubbel Dutch “fool in you”
4. Jay Weed “the naos”
5. Bowly “tarot drums”
6. LOL Boys “w8ing2xhale”
7. LOL Boys “spiral staircases”
8. Roska “squark”
9. Greyman “the title”
10. LOL Boys “unemployed”
11. Dooze Jackers “we love moogie (canblaster remix)”
12. Dj Icon Audioadiccion “tribal kid”
13. DJ Erick Rincon “magdalena”
14. DJ Mouse “amantes de la waracha”
15. DJ Manuel Palofox “canto africano”
16. Makency DJ “chiketere”
17. Expendable Youth “cannabalistic (lol boys remix)”
18. DJs Del Futuro VIP “fiesta by white band”
19. Them Jeans “balloons (lol boys remix)”
20. Rovalrio “exotic drumz”
21. Distal “grape donut”
22. Uproot Andy & Geko Jones “manuelita rmx”

Bubblin Resident Lincolnup will also be releasing Subsubtropical 2 Mix CD this evening – free copies to the 1st 33 folks that ask him for one!

And we’re stoked to have the singular talents of Monkeytek to open up the evening’s proceedings!

Monkeytek co-hosts Various, Portland’s long running Dubstep night (established 2006) and searches the globe for tunes to release on the Lo Dubs label.
In early 2010, he launched Version to showcase the rootical elements of Dubstep.
He’s played alongside such note-worthies as Kode9 & Spaceape, Scientist, Alter Echo, Lloop, Daega Sound and of course with his pals Ryan Organ & Jon A.D.

NOVEMBER 12, 2010



205 NW 4TH

10:00pm-2:30am 21+

Udachi – Swagger EP – Palms Out Sounds

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Swagger (Tactic Remix) by Palms Out Sounds

Swagger (Instrumental) FREE DOWNLOAD by Palms Out Sounds

Swagger (Baobinga Remix) by Palms Out Sounds

This dropped a couple weeks back, but I totally spaced on making a post about it. My production partner Brent Tactic and I (Ben Tactic) did a remix for this Udachi release that just came out on Palms Out Sounds. Palms Out has been on a tear lately. Between that massive Dubbel Dutch ‘Throwback’ EP, the LOL Boys ‘123’ single and Samo Sound Boy’s new EP, they have been releasing some great bass driven music from US producers (US Funky?). Biggups to Haldan for getting some great tunes out there and asking us to do a remix. Pretty heavy remix package on this release as well, with Baobinga, AC Slater, Deathface and Andreas Bygdell also contributing some great work. The release is available at all major digital retailers. The instrumental version above has a download link.

Bubblin July : DUBBEL DUTCH

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For the Fourth Edition of Bubblin we bring you:

Dubbel Dutch
(Austin, TX – Palms Out Sounds)

Dubbel Dutch’s recent release Throwback EP on Palms Out Sounds has been lighting up dancefloors worldwide and was recently featured as Sinden’s pick of the month in DJ Mag with a brilliant review:

Texas’s Dubbel Dutch had better brace himself for a big year because this release should propel this promising DJ/producer to some crazy new heights. Processing the mutant sounds of UK funky, the grey areas of future garage and house with bass, Dubbel has successfully turned them all on their head and created his own unique spin. ‘Throwback‘ is beautifully funky with its Baltimore club-style drums rolling straight from the first bar. A deep sub b-line and edited diva vocals entice before hitting you with the ultimate payoff. The flip, ‘Deep Underground‘, is more synth driven – equally futuristic and amazing. 5 Stars.Sinden

Here’s what some other folks have been saying about Throwback EP:

Bok Bok: “I can’t stop playing Deep Underground, massivest tune right now!!!

Kingdom: “The mixing and compression on Throwback are so nice. Chopped diva vocals and clean sub-bass. I love the drifting cool-down moment in this track too, and when the breakbeat kicks back in, you know you need to brace yourself for a huge drop. Love it!!

DJ Rupture: “Deep Underground combines the catchy familiarity of an instant anthem with real nice contemporary production flourishes that put it squarely in nostalgia-free 2010. Plus, good snare placement. Big tune!

Drop The Lime: “This is a gigantic release. I love the oldschool jungle vibes brought in with a dubstep slam! I will definitely drop this in sets. Really feeling “Fool In You”. HUGE one!

Julio Bashmore: “Big track, Big!

Egyptrixx: “My favorite release from Marc so far, extremely innovative. Deep underground is a total anthem.””

NGUZUNGUZU: “THANX for these bangerzzz! sooooo gooood! much love!

Ghosts on Tape: “super ill. this shit is killin it. loving the old school vibe mixed with UK funky riddims.

Check out Dubbel Dutch’s slammin Austin Mix for XLR8R HERE, the man is a great dj as well as a dope producer!

01 SURVIVE “Glass Knives” (Light Lodge)
02 Neon Indian “Chasms (Nadus of Brick Bandits Remix)”
03 Marcus Price & Carli “Mat Bira Kvinnor Weed (Dubbel Dutch RMX)” (Palms Out Sounds)
04 Myd “Noria (Dubbel Dutch Remix)”
05 Tummy Toast “Friend Crush”
06 Yolanda Be Cool “Villalobos For Presidente (Dubbel Dutch RMX)” (Sweat it Out)
07 DJ Orion “Boriqueneando” (Raw Word)
08 VVV “Retreated”
09 Ocelot “Our Time (LOL Boys Remix)”
10 Parson “I Rep The Dirty South (Dubbel Dutch RMX)”
11 VVV + FBOM “Train Yard Fire”
12 Outlaw Producer “Nimbus”
13 DJ Orion “Hits From the Bongo Pt. 2” (Raw Word)
14 Cosmic Revenge “Late Nights” (Kursed)
15 Dubbel Dutch “Trollsta (Egyptrixx Remix)” (Palms Out Sounds)
16 Dubbel Dutch “Madloopz”
17 SURVIVE “The Cave” (Light Lodge)

It’s gonna be an extra fun one, let’s goooo!


FRIDAY, JULY 9, 2010



and Your Bubblin Residents

Lincolnup & Ben Tactic


The Crown Room
205 NW 4th
10PM 21+ FREE / $5 AFTER 10:30

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